Asparagus risotto

Stock, veg or chicken – most important part, make your own and freeze or buy frozen from a trusted source
Rice – next most important part, don’t be cheap – why will people pay through the nose for high fashion and baulk at sustainable meat prices?
Produce – fresh and seasonal, thanks Alice Waters for leading us away from tasteless all year around food systems

Dice 2 small shallots and a clove of garlic
Sweat in a dob of butter and a glug of EVOO – dam you Rachel Ray
Add a cup of carnaroli or aborio rice
Stir until coated with fat and translusent
Add a hit of dry white wine or vermouth
Once syrupy add first ladle of warm stock
When almost all evaporated/absorbed add another ladle
Tell yourself stirring risotto is fun

Stir – Drink the wine and go to your happy place

Cook asparagus – grill em, blanch, saute, roast however you fancy

Taste rice – toothsome like al dente pasta? If not stir in more liquid

Otherwise add some cheese, butter, cream, oil, the asparagus and stir

I want to change food systems, what I am offering is a meal delivery program so that busy people can eat fresh local produce without having to spent a whole lot of time planning, washing, chopping and preparing food. I see it working like a prep kitchen – you become the line cook. Meaning all you have to do it throw it together.
It will improve you confidence by offering a kind of cooking lesson and you can eat fava beans at home without hours of prep


  • barton

    I really should make my own stock. This looks like wonderful comfort food.

    • barton

      Cheers Barbara. Why dont you make stock? It is really easy, freezes well….

  • barton

    I’m with you Barton, semi prep lots of good food, freeze & then within 20 mins you’ve made a restaurant style dish. I cleaned my home freezer out the other week & I couldn’t believe how much stock I had frozen either, I’d even frozen heaps in ice block containers.
    Have an awesome week my friend :)

    • barton

      mmm stock popsicles Cheers anna, freezing stock in ice cube trays is worth the effort, sometimes,

  • barton

    Back home in South Africa, there are so many really good fresh stocks available in store so it makes us a little lazy some days.
    Your risotto looks fabulous. Don’t think I have ever had an asparagus risotto before.
    :-) Mandy

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