Beet brie salad
Beet brie salad

Trim greens and save for another use
Wash, leave tap root and an inch of stalk attached
Braise beets in ginger beer – easy as put in roasting pan, add liquid, seasoning and aromatics, cover with scrunched wet parchment the seal with foil
Cook in hot oven 180 – 200C until tender – big ones can take around an hour, check every half hour to make sure liquid hasn’t completely evaporated
Trim top and bottom and slide skins off, use a cloth/towel so you dont stain your hands
Reserve braising liquid for vinaigrette

Roast hazelnuts – rub off skins using a tea towel
Finely dice a shallot, marinated in vinegar (5-30mins) I used champagne in this case but red wine, sherry, rice all work giving slightly different flavour
Add a bit of the braising liquid as a sweetener
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Roughly chopped hazelnuts
Optional mustard – I decided against

Toss greens in dressing
Arrange brie and sliced beets (warmed is nice)
Drizzle little more dressing on plate

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