Never another vol au vent, no more stuffed cherry tomatoes, Argaarch! Smoked salmon, I won’t even finish the description. I’ve had my fill of crostini and will be happy not to toast another bruschetta or brush butter on filo pastry.

I seek the new, unknown and creative

Half the creative canape battle is presentation,

The other half is never relenting to another one of those played out overused, abused and loved by all awful go-to-canapes
When was the last time you ate something with your fingers that was unique and memorable? And what was it?

Turkish eggplant and Wholefood’s shelves provided something new to stuff

So some recipes – fry thin sliced lotus root, press two together sandwiching some kind of mousse like filling, smoked uni and lobster worked a treat
Thinly slice beets (beetroot), and fill with a puree of pistachio and ricotta, add a bit of citrus zest and some good olive oil, tie with a chive
Mix some roast eggplant with a little miso, lime juice and cilantro, stuff in mini grilled eggplants

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