Cauliflower couscous

I hold a deep dislike for recipes as I like to argue!

In this case the fundamental point of my position is that no two people will produce the same dish following a list of ingredients and set of instructions. There are too many variables.

The list of ingredients –
A handful of flat leaf parsley with leaves no bigger than an American penny
One bunch of cilantro formed in the hand of a Kiwi chef 189.5cm tall
6 mint leaves from a plant growing in Mountain View CA
1 cauliflower weighing 1.33 pounds
half a red onion diced into isosceles triangles
A smoked jalapeno – chipotle pepper diced with Japanese steel
8 and 3/4 dried apricots finely chopped
63 dried cranberries very finely chopped
5.8 grams pickled ginger
3.5 glugs freshly pressed olive oil
juice of a not very juicy lemon and some zest if you feeling zingy
1/2 scant cup slivered almonds
2.3 grams sea salt scraped off the wet weather gears of antarctic fishermen
14 turns of a pepper grinder brought 11 months ago at Costco set to medium coarse grind

A set of instructions –
Remove stalky bit of cauliflower, break up florets until resemble clouds and pulse in a food processor until looks like couscous.
Season, toss to coat in olive oil, add the rest of the ingredients in alphabetical order and toss
Chiffonade the herbs and sprinkle from 30cms above the stainless steel mixing bowl, using a spatula make 7 anti clockwise figures of 8
Serve in the shape of the great pyramid of giza

I think the great Ferran Adria was the first to start making cauliflower couscous but many have followed and a Charlie Trotter book – Raw was where I first saw a recipe using finely chopped raw cauliflower. I first did a version of this while working on True Blue for a Yoga instructing raw food enthusiast captain who had a weak spot for gnawing on animal bones


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    how much is a glug??

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