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How many things can you make with a rice cooker, a mini hotplate, a kettle and a microwave?
My 4th effort and I am over it! Well not quite but running out of ideas for the constraints and I wonder how much time I gain in stopping to explain and demo how others can help. Ok I will just say it, you guys are slow! Hurry up! Work fast!
And I wonder why I am get called Sir.
The name is tosser, as in you tosser! or the one who tosses all the salads together, and on that note here is a recipe

Freshly tossed raw chard salad

A bunch of chard, stripped from stems and washed
A ripe avocado
A grapefruit, orange, lemon or any combination of citrus juice
Olive oil -37ml
Salt – season well, say a teaspoon or two
Freshly ground black pepper, if you have already ground black pepper you may as well throw it away and while you are at it get rid of that dried parsley, chives and basil, but hold on to dried oregano that stuff is actually good. How much black pepper I hear you say. Well however much you like – 34 grinds or about a teaspoon

Roll chard (also known as silverbeet) into a tight cylinder and cut as finely as possible
Mash avocado with citrus juice
Add seasoning and oil
Massage, toss, caress – after all I trying to make salad sexy
Leave to marinate for at least 30mins
Add some seeds and citrus segments if desired

A bit of a video recipe demo

and the rest…..


  • barton

    Quick n easy. Love it.

  • barton

    snip, snap & its done. Love the quick ideas your pumping out.

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