A days sailing
A days sailing

The captain bounces by, “Isn’t this cool we are going faster than we were with the engines?”

“Oh yeah,” I stumble around on the galley floor that has become a balance board workout, with a gust I am flung at the door, knife still in hand. Not so cool down here he sees before doing the rolly boat skip back up to the flybridge.











Up on deck it’s pleasurable seeing the ultimate extravagance in the sport actually doing what it was designed to – being propelled by nature. I dont want to head back to my world of artificial atmosphere but lunchtime is beckoning and the crew gets grumpy if I make them wait.


At noon I wait for the usual swarm of hungry sailors, 5 past 12 and it still hasn’t happened, what is going on? I grab my radio, “All crew lunch is up.” ….No response, repeat, “All crew, arh – dead battery, um, I am an idiot” I chuck the radio on its charging dock and head out to the deck.











Huh, the sail is in the water, captain barks orders, all the crew is at the rail heaving sodden sail cloth. I put the camera down and get a work out I like (I cant stand going to the gym). Bunched sail slips over the top wire of the rail painfully acquired inch by inch. The Captain is in his element, this is why he makes the big bucks – you lash that, you pull here, next I want this… I am loving the action, my ex-smokers lungs heaving harder than the deck crew’s who have been battling the sail for almost 20 minutes longer than me.

The mess comes onboard, sleep deprived deck crew grump about tidying up the mess, “Great idea.”
Grim sarcasm, “This is why we dont sail these things, shit always breaks.”
“We have got the MPS (big sail) out 3 time and every time we have fucked it.”
Grilled fish with fennel and grapefruit salad
Top question – How do you stop the fish from sticking and get those pretty grill markings?
Short answer – practice, cook a hundred bits of fish and you’ll have it down
Technical – dry the fish, especially the skin, season and rub in a small amount of oil, place on moderately hot grill, do not touch until the skin smells crisp, if you have you grill at the right temperature this will be when the fish is almost cooked – you can see the fish going opaque and you should be able to glimpse the edge of skin going golden/black is grill too hot. More importantl is having a good grilling surface – look after your grill.

Fennel and grapefruit salad
Shred fennel, segment grapefruit, add cucumber, some herbs, arugula, salt, pepper, a few chilli flake and a little oil

Add a few oven fries and we have a proposal for an authentic Kiwi creation


  • barton

    fushnchups bro

    • barton

      yeah healthy fresh as fush n a couply oven chups, mean feeds aye

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