The fruit native to South American mountains so loved by Kiwi’s that some consider it worth a trip home for the autumn harvest (any excuse to go home eat some icecream and do some bombs). Here in California they turn up in fall, are known as pineapple guava and you have to buy them. I did find one tree by the motorway, I mean freeway, I pulled the handbrake, aka parking brake, oh my what hybrid have I become? And pillaged the tree, much to the distress of my car companions.
A more acceptable way to procure the green grainy goodness is at a farmers market, I hate paying for Feijoas, it is my right as a Kiwi, the Americans can keep their right to freedom, liberty, justice, whatever as Kiwi’s we have the right to free Feijoas. It didnt go down well with the security staff at Dean and Deluca in downtown Manhattan they insisted I must pay $4 a piece!!!!!!!! I can just manage to fork out $2 a pound when the boat I am cooking on is footing the bill.

Here is the recipe
Blanch some green beans – 4mins in boiling salted water then cool in iced water
Half some cherry tomatoes – sungolds
Half and scoop out Feijoas, discard skin, cut halves in half
Chop some mint, cilantro (coriander is the seed Kiwis) and green onions
Toss all together with a little sweet soy

Try adding a spot of chili


  • barton

    reminds me i need to find some trees

  • barton

    and yes im all about the cilantro too

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