Kinda sexy salad

No plan, no organization, lots of food and a silly kiwi chef trying to film himself

Why do I insist on calling it Adam and Eve the CSA box comes from Albert and Eve –

There is a reason I never prepare artichokes, they piss me off! They should not be allowed to reach maturity, babies only prepared by someone else please. And yet Fava beans are almost as annoying and time consuming but I love them, mixed with proscuitto, goats cheese, baby spinach and arugula lightly dressed in balsamic and olive oil and I sound like I have the passion of a young chef again.

The winner was lentils! Go figure, too many vegans – here is a non recipe for you dump a couple of cups of lentils in a rice cooker, haphazardly add spices, throw in some sauteed chard stems and tofu.

Now if you want to make a lovely lentil dish in a kitchen
Start with, 2 clove garlic, a nub of ginger, a big onion, cook slowly in butter or oil if you are vegan until translucent and slightly brown
Add spices – always best if toasted whole and crushed fresh
A teaspoon turmeric, coriander seed, cumin, chili powder, fresh ground black pepper, cardamom, star anise (use your favourite/ available selection) etc cook a couple of minutes
Add a couple of cups of lentils and cover with stock or water
Bring to a gentle simmer and cover – should cook in 20 mins, if becomes dry and lentils not cooked add more liquid
Wash and breakdown chard – a flick of the wrist while running thumb and forefinger down the stem will part the leafy greenery from the tougher stem.
Chop stems into even sizes and saute with plenty of s+p – add to lentil mix, cook with lentils for 5-10 mins
Add the chard greens (spinach or any other leafy freen works too) – chop, steam or saute first or if the pot is big enough just toss em in
Add grilled firm tofu toss it about and let the vegans swarm


  • barton

    Lentils always add a nice “sexiness!” Great recipe!

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