Intolerant chef
Intolerant chef

No I am not talking about any of that gluten or lactose stuff I mean –
Eat my food the way I meant it to be eaten! Happy to provide instructions where needed
Ok so I have been known to cook weird stuff, especially by those who will; pick the beef out of a salad, eat only the animal protein out of any dish, turn their nose up at the unknown and generally make me hate them by being unadventurous or….
If you put plastic cheese (you know what I mean those awful individually wrapped cheese like slices) on my lovingly created fish burger, I cannot be your friend and will more than likely actually hate you!
Is this yachting life turning me into an incredibly intolerant c*nt? Yeah, nah I suspect yes
I can respect and understand that everyone is a professional eater – we all know what we like, or do we?
Expand your horizons people, you never know until you try it and you never know for sure until you have tried my version of it.

I can back the arrogance up with a few converts such as this Floridian at a ladies lunch
“What is this? It’s delicous!”

“Golden beets with arrugula.”
“No but I hate beets.”

So onto migas – a revolution for me when I first enjoyed the Andalucian peasant dish as it should be – around a communal pan with vibrant Spanish personalities, fresh grilled sardines and melon so sweet and juicy it gets all over your face reminding me of the messy eater episode of sex and the city.

Essentially migas is breadcrumbs with lots of olive oil, a bit of cured pig product and whatever else is on hand

In my case;
Live Sardines from the bait fisherman next door, – kill and clean (the results are just about worth the gore)
A half loaf of sourdough in fridge, – Remove crusts and food pro in batches until crumb like
Big pan – lots of olive oil, some onion and garlic, seasoning
Add some diced chorizo and prosciutto (use the stuff that cant be sliced thin – sold in chunks)
Breadcrumbs – stir over a moderate heat, you want to get them crispy
Use up what ever in the fridge – cooked chickpeas and grilled asparagus, the latter cut into small rounds
Finish with heaps of soft herbs – parsley in my case

Be filled with hate when no one even tries the dish as it should be eaten
“What is the crunchy stuff?”
“Breadcrumbs, you got to try it all together, the melon balances out the dryness and works really well with the sardines.”
“I hate fruit in salads and stuff.”


  • barton

    hahhahhha. classic, I can imagine the look of distaste on your face as you tell them that you ACTUALLY hate them. ACTUALLY.
    bro some people are destined to eat plastic food and malnutritioned rubbish.. we must accept it and move on..maybe they will shrivel up from eatinf so much crap and lower the population boom through expensive malnutrition.

    • barton

      Please let it kill them quickly, then I can accept it and move on

  • barton

    Whats that beetroot slice terrine looking contraption thing u got going on there? Great application whatever it is.

    • barton

      Cheers Kenos, braised beets, arrugula pesto and roast red pepper layered and rolled

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