Kiwi burger

Beetroot condiments and a couple of leaves of NZ spinach on a lamb pattie what could be Kiwi’er?
Well next stage is Kumura bun
Then maybe Horipito mayo
And I think it might need an egg

Beet hot sauce
Braise a couple of beets, oh sorry I really am becoming Americanized beets means beetroot
Trim beets and place in a deep oven tray add a cup of white wine, plenty of garlic and something hot, i used a habanero
180C oven for about an hour
Peel beets using a paper towel unless you want to be caught with suspicious stained hands
Blend with garlic and hot stuff, season, taste add some acid, taste ? What you reckon?
Maybe some herb?

Next mix some cooked golden beets with dijon mustard, and shallot = beet mustard


  • barton

    definately need an egg, maybe some maori bread buns?? maybe an egg from a wood pigeon.. would MAF and Doc let you??

    • barton

      Yeah maori bread buns good and would love to eat a wood pigeon, you should start farming them

  • barton

    thought about it, theres a couple sweet ones outside anna’s folks house every morning.. big n fat..

  • barton

    Needs an egg. Yeah. Needs an egg. And buns. Eggs and buns.

  • barton

    i got 15 the other morning. i like the blue ones! go huevos de campo!

  • barton

    sound interesting,,kiwi burger..

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