Meals for May

Meal one – Roast chicken breast and spring risotto

Pre heat oven to 400F
Arrange chicken breast on top of aromatics (celery and herbs) on an oven tray, pull skin over sage leaves, otherwise may burn sage.
Once oven hot, place in oven – check after 15mins should be cooked within 20 mins
Test by prodding and poking it! It should feel firm with a little give like your palm at the base of your thumb when you touch your little finger and thumb together.
Remove from oven and let rest in a warm place, (on top of unused element (cooktop, hob) what else could you call it?) for 2mins.
Slice to look pretty and chef like

Heat stock just so it is warm, doesn’t need to boil, keep warm with very low heat or turn off.
Find a nice sized risotto pan – something with high enough edges that when you stir you wont make a mess, wide is good too…..
Add precooked risotto to pan
Turn on low heat, add a ladleful of warm stock = a small cup, 200mls / 7oz
Adjust heat so is just simmering – bubbling very gently, do not boil risotto, if not sure lower is better.
Stir, stir, stir, you can’t stir too much. Should be quite loose but not watery, if dry add more stock.
Taste a grain of rice for desired tenderness then (Or cook more/add more stock)
Add the blanched asparagus, favas and cheese, a little good quality olive oil or butter (real butter) if you don’t have either don’t worry it should still taste great, add a little salt and pepper to your taste, finish with some flaky salt
Once warm it is ready – total time 5-7 mins

See bottom of this post for finishing risotto video

Side – steamed sprouting broccoli with lemon butter – hot pan and toss it around a few times, should be warm in 30seconds to a minute (you mite find you don’t want this or change it with the carrots – side for second meal)

NOTE – save left over stock for couscous – you should use less than half the stock for the risotto


Meal two – Orange chicken with couscous and chickpeas

Braised chicken – reheat in pot or covered in oven – (advantage of oven is you don’t need to pay any attention to it- 10-15 mins at 400F – covered) pot will be quicker

Couscous – pour into a metal or glass dish and cover with boiling water or stock or mix, use the left over stock that you used for the risotto. Cover, leave for 5 mins then break up with a fork,
(optional – add nuts eg pine, slivered almonds, dried fruit eg apricots, rasins, cranberries and chopped fresh herbs – eg mint, parsley, basil) but will be fine left plain

Chickpeas and chorizo, all you need to do is reheat – place on pot and heat stirring occasionally until warm about 5mins – mix with cous cous or serve on top of.

Snowpea shoots and carrots – toss in a hot pan until warm

All delivered to your door, labeled, with printed instructions and a link to videos and recipes if you get inspired to try and recreate one of the dishes from scratch


  • barton

    That risotto is perfect!! Chickpeas and chorizo are such a great combination!

    • barton

      Thanks Belinda, I got issues with chorizo, completely obsessed, want to put it in everything

  • barton

    That risotto is incredible! YUM!

  • barton

    Very cool way to cook chicken and I can never have enough risotto.

    • barton

      Cheers greg, I have been enjoying left over risotto for breakfast, maybe 3 meal of risotto one day

  • barton

    Thanks Chef, you’ve just reminded me of something I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing, slipping some yummy herbs just under the chicken skin, makes for such a lovely flavour doesn’t it.
    Loved the videos on prep & finishing off too – keep ‘em coming – we Chefs have to do our bit for the world., can’t leave it all up to jamie ;)
    Have an awesome week my friend :)

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