I have worked hard with this gritty grain in my years of kitchen toil, it has been a hard sell but when done right is

– exceptional and easy

So it is being incorporated into my prep kitchen concept – brief explanation – I design the dish, do the prep and teach you the pickup – you become the line cook in your home, more another time

Sausages and polenta – keeping it simple I am seeking out a great Italian sweet sausage made locally from ethically raised pigs. Ethical works better than sustainable for me as it incorporates a number of beliefs and is simple to explain….

acceptable to my ethics = easily translatable to your ethics.

If you think the current food system is ok and all you want is cheap food so it doesn’t matter if it ends up going to waste then get off my site!

Ok I will try and repress the tosser inside and show you how to toss together a healthy family meal

Stock – if you hang around here you will get sick of me telling you to make this stuff and fill your freezer with it so just do it

More of a shopping list than a recipe but shopping lists are the basis of recipes

People love exact ratios – until it looks/tastes right doesn’t work for many people

1 cup polenta = plenty for 4
3 cups stock
1 cup milk
1 tbl butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 a cup grated cheese – eg parmesan, pecorino, manchego, even gouda, cheddar just not mozzerella or ready grated packs of anything – if store bought packaged grated cheese is in your fridge read – this and you are banished from my site until you do your part to fix food

Put polenta, salt, fresh cracked black pepper and cold stock in a pot, whisk and bring to a simmer, stirring frequently
Once simmering add butter, whisk, turn down heat to low and put a lid on it
Uncover after 5mins and whisk in 1 cup milk
Cover, low heat for 5 mins
Taste? Done taste good look right?
Add cheese and a glug of good olive oil

Yesterday turn these ingredients into a stew
4 Italian sweet or spicy sausages
2 onions
1 clove garlic
2 red peppers
Red wine

– and now sautee some spinach and chard and reheat sausage stew


  • barton

    Loving it with the sausage!! Make it hot hot hot…and a bit of sweet. I’m not sure who would say they were satisfied with the current food system. Unless they were living under a rock!

  • barton

    Polenta & sausage you say. Just give me a shout, I’ll be there ;) Polenta (done well) is good tukka my friend :)

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