Pseudo sushi

Raw vegan food is challenging but who doesn’t love a challenge, and some of the dishes I developed while working for a raw vegan captain are now amongst my most popular

Eat in one bite or it gets messy

Sushi seasoning
75ml rice vinegar
10g salt
34g sugar – not a gram more or less!
one inch square konbu – get your ruler out
heat until sugar/salt dissolved, let cool and season cauliflower rice

Trim removing stalk from cauliflower
Pulse, cauliflower in a food processor until resembles rice, do this in small batches for best results
Season with cooled rice vinegar mix
And roll as you would maki with avocado and mango as the filling



  • barton

    Are raw vegans allowed to eat cooked seaweed?

    • barton

      No, so I guess it is not strictly raw vegan, but i find most people like the idea of eating more raw food rather than becoming a rawist.

  • barton

    How neat! Cauliflower rice – different, but would totally eat this!

  • barton

    yes of course, I was just looking for recipes for friends of mine who are strictly raw vegans.

    • barton

      Dont heat the vinegar mix, leave to marinate for 4 hours and whisk, and check on the nori process, i think it is ok…..cheers for stopping by

  • barton

    What a brilliant idea – cauliflower rice sounds great and I love the combination of mango and avo. I will have to get my sushi rolling mat out when I get back home.
    :-) Mandy

    • barton

      Thanks Mandy, if the mix comes out a bit wet add some almond flour

  • barton

    Another good one mate :) Cauliflower rice., haven’t used it – intriguing though.

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