Scallop ideas
Scallop ideas

A safe option for the boss who decided octopus was not for him and hasn’t been back to the boat since – scallops, an incredibly versatile protein…

Asian style –

Kabocha squash braised in ginger dashi, yuzu sesame pesto and bok choy
Yuzu pesto
Zest of two yuzu – subsitute mixed citrus ie lime, lemon and orange
1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds
Spring onion
Citrus juice
Grape seed oil

Over to Spain –

Leeks cooked in buttery chicken stock, romesco sauce (almonds and red peppers) and crispy chorizo
Romesco –
1 roast red pepper
3 cloves garlic dry roast in a cast iron pan with
a tomato and once blackened a 1/2 cup whole almonds – peal garlic and tomato
Blend with
Olive oil
Sherry vinegar
Smoked paprika
Pinch saffron

A touch of North Africa –

Blanched outer leaves of brussel sprouts, Harissa vinaigrette, preserved lemon and almond flakes
Vinaigrette –
A teaspoon of Harissa
Juice of a lemon
Enough olive oil to balance 3 times the lemon juice


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