Steamed bass
Steamed bass

So the boss loves Japan, owns a house there, has built one based on a 10th century emperors and orders these silly little “Japanese breakfasts” – they involve a bit of very crispy skinned white fish, some rice, egg, miso and pickled veg.

Sick of crisping fish skin I did a Kiwi’s take on Japanese flavours for dinner….

Ponzu –
Make dashi – bring to simmer a pot of water with a sheet of konbu, turn off and add bonito flakes, leave to cool then strain
Add mixed citrus zest, juice and soy to taste – guide 3parts dashi, 1.5 soy, 1 citrus juice
Heat gently for 20 – 30 mins

Sweet potatoes –
Chop peeled white sweet potatoes into even 2-3 bite sized chunks
Toss in oil (2:1 grapeseed and sesame) season with salt, white pepper and Togarashi
Roast in hot oven (spread out very sparsely)

Baby bok choy –
Trim, spilt in half, wash, shake dry, toss in oil and salt
Mark on hot grill – Reheat in butter and ponzu

White sea bass –
Portion, season lightly and set over simmering sake, cover – cooks quickly check after 3 minutes, when almost done (prod it, poke it, look at it, if you cant tell this is how you learn and if you must use a thermometer) turn off heat and leave covered with you plate

Result – big bad boat boss man ate some of it and said he liked it, why if you like something do you not finish your plate? Has he adopted some Asian custom or is he lying to me?


  • barton

    Smart boss because this just perfect! Light and satisfying.

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