Sexier salad

The plan was to make everyone else do the work. A simple prep list print out for helpers to follow so when the CSA box of stunning fresh produce arrived the waiting masses (a few poor souls stuck taking orders from me) would swarm, unpack and get to work.

Red leaf lettuce – wash and dry (note; many people have no common sense when it comes to cooking, cut root end off first)
Spring onions remove greens, wash and spilt in half, brown on hotplate
hot sauce – blend greens with grapefruit juice, sesame oil, soy and siracha

Strawberry – wash, remove green and half, macerate (means pour some vinegar on them) in balsamic and black pepper for 15mins, add crumbled goats cheese and toss with Arrugula see end for how it actually turned out

Chard – remove from stems and wash, shred finely, marinate in tangerine and grapefruit juice and olive oil with s+p – mandolin shaved Fennel would have been a nice element but….

add mandarin segments and grilled spring onion slices – disappeared before i got to taste it! Fresh chard is the shizz!

Favas?(might not get these) – remove from pod, cover with boiling water microwave 3 mins, drain refresh with cold water, remove from pod, brushetta with pecorino? In strawberry salad? Rice cooker risotto could be a cool challenge? didnt turn up, was the pick of last week…

Baby carrots – wash and trim greens – cover with boiling water, leave 5-10mins
–wash and finely shred Kale, fine dice chorizo

chuck on grill, cook until releases oils add kale and season,
Cook few minutes then transfer add precooked chickpeas – microwave 5mins
Combine with carrots

Mushrooms –rinse and dry, cut in half toss in oil s+p – hot plate with
green garlic, blanch broccoli using kettle, finish with oyster sauce and butter
this was going to be such a good dish

Leeks – top and tale leaving root intact, spilt lengthwise then wash
– toss with oil and seasoning cook using hotplate then wrap in tinfoil to steam
– mix with rice

Baby spinach

Snap peas – remove fibrous strips and throw in with cauliflower
3 cauliflowers, replaced the missing, expected or hoped for ingredients, throwing my plan into shambles

Chop – dump in rice cooker with butter and seasoning, mix with parmy and kettle blanched snap peas

Stuff to supplement Albert and Eve’s CSA box
-soft fresh goats cheese – 150-200grams = 6-8oz
– Parmesan
– chorizo semi-cured
– some good sf sourdough
– oyster sauce, butter
– soy, sesame oil, olive oil, balsamic
– pepper mill/grinder
– a grain – fair trade rural returns red rice

Results –
Grill bread, slice, toss in olive oil and s+p and grill until tasty

Smear with goats cheese and top with balsamic and pepper macerated strawberry

Such a girly dish, who came up with it? How can you serve strawberries in a macho way?

The rice got started early as I beat the box to the HUB this week, it’s recipe got a bit more complicated, the chard stems got chopped and sauteed on the mini hotplate, finished with oyster sauce, soy and butter, then the leeks that were grilled with butter then wrapped in tinfoil to steam a bit….. does that sound like a recipe?


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