Shiitake slaw

Thanks to Andrew Speigel for the inspiration

Cheers to Tofu for the challenges its blandness brings

All hail the Japanese mandolin that I still love even thou it has drawn more blood from me than any other implement or accident, never serious but always scary

And a guide to creating something similar –
A cabbage – I like what is known as Napa or Chinese cabbage in the States
Diakon – or other mild radish
Carrot – (shred first three ingredients these to a size your tools allow and your teeth like)
Shiitake mushrooms – feel free to use other mushrooms but consider changing name of dish if you do subsitute – you can marinate or pickle these or briefly saute – marinate in a mix of sweet soy, sesame oil, lime and rice vinegar
Pickled ginger is good, fresh ginger fried off in some sesame oil is mighty fine
Add some tofu for body or don’t, works good with a simple fish preparation, or Asian inspired bbq

Toss everything together


  • barton

    The great thing about tofu is that it picks up the flavors of all that surrounds it. Better be careful of that mandolin!!

  • barton

    Awesome Barton.

    What a wonderful twist on a “regular” slaw.


  • barton

    Oh Yeah – like this :) Geez, got a few scars from the scary mandolin myself…., but its the only gadget that produces ‘stuff’ the way you like it, so you just keep going back to the monster for certain things……, like this.

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