Smoke a cheek, grill a chop
Smoke a cheek, grill a chop

I dont know about this dish. I guess it is inspired by Thomas Keller’s Salmon chop but it is really just a restaurant dish for those who love fish and the boney bit they come with. I am so sick of people who can’t deal with bones, fish has bones, take care as you eat.
The dish tries to make the bits you are meant eat relishing getting your hands dirty fancy and mocking those who find gouging cheek meat out of a fish head unappetizing. Doesnt really belong on a white tablecloth, so does it belong on a fancy pants menu? Yeah, Nah, well maybe if you do it right and debone it!
Using the more flavourful parts of the fish usually discarded or at best making it to a stock pot big plus for my food waste OCD
Fennel puree = slice fennel, heavy base pot, cook slowly in a little olive oil covered until tender, blend season and pass through a sieve – Not that hard to make a restaurant style component for your dinner plate
The chanterelle mushrooms look pretty and go wonderfully with kale, use plenty of butter when cooking both, use it like it is free, whoops arent I meant to be the super frugal anti waste chef? Mmmmmm dairy fat
Add thyme and butter to any saute pan and it gives great flavour, keep at a heat where butter foams but doesnt brown – this is a little difficult but dont be afraid to f up.


  • barton

    Hmm…dairy fat. Love your thinking! Looks like a work of art!

    • barton

      too kind, thanks

  • barton

    Will definitely be making that fennel puree, sounds like a nice easy way to make a dish sound and taste much more posh!

    • barton

      yeah all you need to sound posh is a puree and a sauce, throw a crust on there and you are looking at stars

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