thai potatoes
thai potatoes

Roast potatoes

Wash and peel if you like
Just cover with water add salt and bring to a simmer
Simmer 30 seconds
Pour into a colander
Stack colander over pot you poured potatoes out of and leave to strain for a few minutes
Toss in bowl with salt and oil
Spread out on trays, do not crowd trays the potatoes crisp better the more space between them. I know it is another tray to wash get over it, its worth it
Put in 180C oven

Make a sauce
Fry shrimp paste in peanut oil
Add diced shallot and garlic
Chilli – seed fresh ones or be lazy and spoon out a dollop of Sambal Olec or squirt in some Siracha
Palm sugar
Blend – adding fish sauce


  • barton

    so once i spread them out on 2(!!!!) trays with space so they crisp.. i should do what???

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