A hectic day culminating in an afternoon minding and temporarily losing eight kids has left me in a strange mood. I now think parenting is a reasonable excuse for alcoholism. A preppy kid joins me at the bar. The look irritates and entertains me; pink shorts, smiling whales printed on his belt, boat shoes and […]

Auckland now boasts a decent number of farmers markets. I aim to get around them all and make some simple seasonal dishes with product that isn’t commonly used to inspire market goers to be more adventurous and use local farmers markets as supermarket replacements rather than just a weekend excursion. I love the interactions markets […]

For those that have a sauce it is easy The 500ml pot is enough for 4-6 chicken pieces Saute off some chicken -legs are best, if you use breast drastically reduce cooking time Season heavily with salt and pepper Colour in lard or oil Add sauce and about the same quantity of water or chicken […]

The vegan pop dining event was a huge success, thanks to all those involved. Biggest mistake of the evening was no taking any photos. If the number of requests for recipes is used as a judge for the standard of food I did pretty well Pseudo sushi – see previous post Satay – In a […]

Dont throw your egg whites away…. there are more uses than pavlova Black sesame Financiers adapted from joyofbaking Makes 12 mini muffins 1/3 cup (5 tablespoons) (80 ml) beurre noisette (made from 1/2 cup (113 grams) unsalted butter) 1/4 cup (30 grams) all purpose flour 1/2 cup (50 grams) black sesame (grind with flour) 3/4 […]

Without a smoker….. The can-do Kiwi spirit – catch a fish off rocks clamber up a bank and snap off some tea tree branches Split fish and salt heavily – rock salt is best, the coarse gain is important Leave for at least 20mins – until it has drawn some moisture out of the fish’s […]

Auckland has a food scene! And it may rival some of the great food cities! Really Auckland, you have more to offer than a beautiful habour? The response to my first pop dining event was overwhelming. Thanks to Seirra Cafe, Devonport, meetup and adventurous Auckland foodies. I cant have Mission Chinese in Auckland but there […]

The captain bounces by, “Isn’t this cool we are going faster than we were with the engines?” “Oh yeah,” I stumble around on the galley floor that has become a balance board workout, with a gust I am flung at the door, knife still in hand. Not so cool down here he sees before doing […]

Well it is that time of year, in the States and Europe the boats are heading south for winter. You dont get many opportunities to cook hearty warming food on yachts, it is an endless summer. On a wet windy day in San Diego I get my pumpkin on…. Kabocha and goats cheese souffle with […]

How to make the fifth or five hundredth piece of crispy skinned fish a little more interesting…. Red rice vinegar Diced shallot Sliced